The Goods

Always scrolling through your Instagram feed in a panic trying to find a picture to show to your nail tech?

You don’t have to do this any longer, baby girl. We do all the grinding for you and you just have to take your phone with you to your next nail appointment and show them THE GOODS.

THE GOODS is a service we know you need. We hunt down the 4 hottest trends every month and send them directly to your email. Two bomb colors and two hella sick designs inspired by the baddest ladies and dopest artists. These are specifically for that badass, unapologetic nail fanatic that loves to show their nail tech exactly what they want. And best believe, you will feel extra confident every time you look down at your nails.

Yes baddie. For less than whatever fancy-ass cappuccino you are getting at Starbucks, you are going to have the finest nails every month.

Mid-month you will also receive my best beauty & style tips as icing on the cake, cake, cake, cake (Rihanna voice).

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