About Me

I am Taylor Norell, also known in the world of the internet as Good Nails. While I was going to school, everyone kept referring to me as the girl with the “good nails” when they were describing me to other people. I’ve been fascinated with the art that can happen on fingertips. I have an instant connection with someone the second they make a comment about my polish or the design I’m sporting that day. I am always looking for the most badass, bold, and exciting designs and colors to show my nail artist. Pair that with my love of putting together spicy outfits and we have something real going on.

And now I am here to share them with you! I want to style nails and clothes that inspire people to be fearless and authentic to who they are. I want every baddie who reads this blog to feel like they can take on the world wether they have a fresh paint job or not.